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Atsauce: 18004

Stanger 3D silicone adhesive stanger 80g. gasket maker 1pc

Our new 3D silicone adhesive from Stanger is ideal for gluing paper, cardboard, wood, plastic and polystyrene. It dries up transparently, has excellent adhesion and is also odorless. It is ideal for 3D-craft projects in the professional field as well as hobbyists and beginners. Adhesive must be applied on a dry, clean and grease-free surface. You get the...

Cena 4,06 €
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Atsauce: 18087

STANGER Foam Rubber Adhesive 35 g, 1 pcs 18087

After flashing, the parts are pressurized. Direct and very powerful adhesive force. Glues moss rubber (cellular rubber), rubber, styrofoam, many plastics, steel, wood, paper, fabric, leather, ceramics and porcelain. Paper, cardboard do not curl. REACH compliant.

Cena 2,34 €

Atsauce: 18041-1

STANGER Superglue 2 x 3 g, 1pcs

Glues within seconds ceramic, porcelain, metal, wood, plastic and rubber (except PE, PP, PTFE). Extremely powerful. Liquid, also flows into the smallest columns. Universally applicable. Store in a cool place. REACH compliant.

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